By May 9, 2016

Women’s High Heels Embroidered Design

Its said Thajoelma periera de silvat NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF RED LIP STICK AND HIGH HEELS . Wearing High heels has become more of a fashion then anything else . There was a time when you would see ladies wearing high heels but now a days you will see a girl aging 15 to 20 years girl wearing a heel too . Must say that its a talent to wear a high heel because to keep the balance and to walk with that heel is something quite remarkable .  Not everyone could do that . your heels face a lot of pressure and we have seen many ladies falling on the ground due to this so better stay safe and healthy . No harm in wearing heels but you should first look at your health , size, your body weight then wear it . just wearing it for no prime reason might actually go against you


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