By May 11, 2016

Washroom Cleanness Embroidered Design

justine reneIts said that PLEASE MAKE YOUR WASHROOM NICE AND CLEAN . We should keep our washroom as clean as possible , for the simple fact that we are using it . There is always a thought around that washrooms are always not cleaned so whats the point of cleaning it , so the point is that its always good to keep everything clean , irrespective of either its a washroom or kitchen etc , its our ultimate responsibility to keep it clean , would it be a good feeling if any relative or your friend comes in your house and see’s your washroom unclean ??? What will be your reaction if you see this happen ? Must feel a BIT ASHAMED isn’t it ? So keep your washroom clean , and if you can’t keep it clean and in good shape then please dont use it at all.


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