By May 6, 2016

Treatment Completed Embroidered Design

Its saIda Finchid that YOU TREAT A DISEASE , YOU WIN YOU LOSE . YOU TREAT A PERSON , I GUARANTEE YOU WIN – NO MATTER THE OUTCOME . Human beings are not perfect, we should remember that ONLY PERFECT IS THE GOD , HUMAN’S PERFECTION IS 99% . We have seen people suffering from different diseases, some are suffering from heart disease. some are suffering from kidney, chest or any kind of disease, so we just have to keep concentrating on how we could stay stronger, how we could avoid getting ill . Medical treatment now a days are very very expensive and a normal appendix operation will cost you about 1 to 2 lac rupees, everybody can’t afford it but the only way out to this is to avoid eating artificial or JUNK food from the market, Stay healthy and strong


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