By May 13, 2016

Thunderstorm Embroidered Design

Ralph Steadcarly sorensonman once said that I get my best ideas in a thunderstorm. I have the power and majesty of nature on my side , it’s important to pay attention when you hear thunder. Thunderstorms happen in every state, and every thunderstorm has lightning . Lightning can strike people and buildings and is very dangerous . Thunderstorms affect small areas when compared with hurricanes and winter storms. It lasts an average of 30 minutes . The lightning is seen before the thunder is heard because light travels faster than sound .Despite their small size, all thunderstorms are dangerousEvery thunderstorm produces lightning , which kills more people each year than tornadoes. Strong winds , hail ,  and tornadoes are also dangers associated with some thunderstorms . Thunderstorms need three things :Moisture , Unstable Air and  Lift . Thunderstorms are most likely to occur in the spring and summer months and during the afternoon and evening hours, but they can occur year-round and at all hours of the day or night .


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