By May 10, 2016

Sadness And Joy Embroided Design

Its said that IT IS THEqadirah T simien Muhammad SADNESS THAT MAKES US APPRECIATE AND VALUE THE LITTLE JOY . Time waits for none . If someone thinks that time will just remain static everytime than its a wrong concept . You must  have witnessed so many times that you are happy one day and sad the next day . Its all done according to your FATE , you can’t fight with it , what you can do only is to stay positive and cope with that challenge in a positive manner . Its a part of a life , everyone present in this world is because of a reason , this world is like an examination hall where you are just filling your paper , and the result will finally be given in your hands on  the DAY OF JUDGEMENT , so be positive and live positive and try to cherish and enjoy each and every moment of your life


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