By May 26, 2016

Red Apple Embroidered Design

Its SAjeralee tuskid that One mustn’t ask apple trees for oranges, France for sun, women for love , life for happiness .
Apples are not something new , we have been hearing it from our childhood . Apple has emerge as an necessity and it is such a good fruit to eat , ask a medical physician or a general doctor about the advantages of apples and they will tell you about it . I am sure that whenever you are hungry just go and eat two to three apples and you will find your self healthy and strong again . Apples are famous in kids too because of the simple fact that its very tasty to eat and  one could  easily bite it . Apples increases the red and white blood cells as well so there are lots of things to admire about Apples . Make it a habit of eating an apple a day , so that you remain strong and healthy


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