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Online Embroidery Digitizing

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File types and preferable formats for online embroidery digitizing:

Digital Design Machine Online Embroidery Digitizing.jpgIf you need custom embroidered apparel then you need to have an artwork, so that we can make sure that your logo is something that can be sewn. Some logos need to be resized so that it can be sewn properly, therefore, it is really essential to digitize every new logo, each and every new logo needs to be digitized. However, digitizing a logo means, putting the stitches on the top of your logo on the computer, each stitch is an x/y coordinate which tells the machine where to punch the needle, Now we have advanced embroidery software so that we no longer have to digitize each and every single stitch.  No matter what, we still need to redraw your design within the digitizing software in order to sew it out, it’s not that simple. It all can be done through online embroidery digitizing services by DigitEmb. We have a great team of highly skilled digitizers who knows each and everything about online embroidery digitizing. Vector files (ai, eps, or pdf) are best; this format will produce the highest quality embroidery. However, a vector image is created using mathematical paths rather than of individual pixels so it is easy to define shapes and lines of a vector graphic vs raster graphic. Raster images are created using Adobe Photoshop and they are acceptable however we use web graphics to make embroidery designs but it is better if we have the high-quality logo, if still not then there is nothing to worry, our experts have always got you covered. Some acceptable raster file formats are jpg, gif, tif, eps or png. Although, raster images are made up of pixels instead of mathematical paths just as in vector graphics. No matter what, if the image is made up of pixels then it will not appear really clean. It will appear grainy when zoomed. For this purpose, while digitizing raster images, the digitizer must use his best guess where should some of the stitches need to go. However through our online embroidery digitizing you can get it all done by our skilled digitizers. They can make the design come out looking really well. We accept the range of image formats the file sent to us can be hand drawn, image computer generated, the scanned image of the finished product. Now you can get your logos/images digested by our skilled digitizers through our high-quality online embroidery digitizing services.


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