By May 24, 2016

Mother Embroidered Design

Its said thaFYAI am truly my mother’s son . Mother is a special gift from GOD because she will . She will be the first and indeed the last one who will stand beside you when everybody will be against you so respect her and be kind to her as she had been to you when you were a child. Remember that no substitute of a mother.  Your mother is someone who never sleeps when you are in pain ,  she is someone who will sit  beside you , wont sleep until you sleeps properly , GOD has created such a binding between a mother and the son that both can’t even of living without each other . Ask a son or a daughter who don’t have parents and Mother and they will share you the agony and pain they are in without having their mother beside her , holding her hands and carrying  him forward , protecting him from all odds and evils of the world and taking everything upon herself .


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