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Making Your Logo Wearable through Digitizing

Making Your Logo Wearable through DigitizingAlthough, many companies both novice and skilled are involved in the creation of logo but making the logo wearable through digitizing is the real challenge. During the embroidery process, these companies apply so many embroidery digitizing techniques to make the logo wearable. Different type of machines require different time span to learn different tools and functions in order to generate professional results. A variety of logo is used that allow the digitizer to pair embroidery designs with decorative stitches for the creation of original patterns that can be wearable.

Digitizing small letters in a logo should be perfect if you want to make your logo wearable. During the incorporation of specific type of stitches, specific challenges are faced by the digitizer. Into the surface of textile, small stitches are likely to disappear. The issue can be avoided if a digitizer is good in stitch length that is comprised of selection of the correct scale, lowering of the density as well as addition of pull compensation. Readable small-scale font letter embroidery letters are digitized by these adjustments. For the digitization of small font lettering, a thinner thread should be used that avoids breakage. 50-weight thread is a good example.

The type of thread is one of the important components which are involved in all types of logo digitizing that tend to produce wearable logos. The reflective quality is referred to as the sheen of the thread. To the overall logo, character, dimension and depth is added by means of it. It is often frustrating to match colors from a manual thread chart to a computerized thread chart. For the type of embroidery machine that a digitizer have, thread comparison chart should be included. To locate the pre-matched thread color number for the computerized color palette, give the thread color name on the chart. The digitizing of a logo on the computer screen is stitched as it is envisioned is guaranteed by this step.

Another challenge to create a wearable logo is to prevent the sinking of stitches in to the fabric during the embroidery of digitized logo on the textile. It can easily be prevented by two measures by which the length of underlay stitches can be controlled. . 1st is by using the parameters feature tool of the logo digitizing program and the 2nd is to make a zigzag stitch as the underlay stitch. When stitched on the surface of fabric, most of the stitches get shorten by half a millimeter, therefore the stitches automatically spaced evenly apart due to this step. For this reason, a zigzag stitch is selected as the underlay stitches to embroider and digitize a wearable logo.

Furthermore, if the logo digitizer replaces hooping process with that of the floating technique, then correct stitching can be ensured. 2 separate stabilizer sheets are required for this stabilization of embroidery fabric and then digitize and embroider the logo by considering the parameters of logo digitizing software as well as logo embroidery machine. All these steps can be taken to make a logo wearable through digitizing and embroidery.

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