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Machine Embroider a Digitized Logo

Machine Embroider a Digitized LogoDigitized logo embroideries can help to promote small scale as well as large scale commercial business. You can easily promote your brand and business services by creating digitized logos that can be machine embroidery later on. By the incorporation of customized artwork and insignias in the embroidery digitized logos, a professional touch can be added to the fabric by means of embroidered logo designs. The exact measurements of the length and width of the logo are required during the designing of logo designing. Within the stitching parameters of the logo embroidery machine, the digitized logo design has to fit. Plus, within the chosen area on the fabric for e.g. side of cap, pocket of shirt etc, the logo design also has to fit. Prior to transferring the logo onto the fabric, these elements should be established well as they help you to avoid placement errors as well as unnecessary artwork resizing.

With a pen or pencil, the logo design is drawn on drawing paper. The selected space on the fabric as well as the parameters of digitized embroidery machines are also kept in mind. For e.g. if the embroidery parameters measure 6 inches by 8 inches, a logo exceeding these parameters should not be drawn. With sharp scissors, the logo artwork for digitized embroidery is cut as it avoids uneven edges around the logo shape. If fine details are included within the logo artwork then the logo design is placed on a cutting board and then it is cut with the help of a sharp craft knife.

In a prominent area on the desired fabric like a cap, apron, shirt etc, the cut out logo for digitized embroidery is placed. If the logo embroidery is digitized for some special occasion then the logo is displayed on a visible location on the apparel. By tracing around the shape, the logo is transferred to the clothing. Any detailed details requiring embroidery thread color changes can be added. To transfer fine lines in embroidery logo, tracing wheel can be helpful.

With the wrong side facing you, the apparel is flipped over. The backing is removed from a sticky stabilizer sheet and the gummy side is placed onto the backside of the logo area. The fabric is stabilized by this separate sheet layer as the fabric is punctured by the embroidery machine. High stitch density is the characteristic of most logos. The puckering or warping around the logo embroidery is usually prevented by the stabilizer.

By centering the logo within the upper hoop attachment of the logo embroidery machine, float the embroidery. The fabric is hold in place by stabilizer by which it allows the top hoop to stitch within the parameters of your embroidery machine. According to the design of logo, logo is embroidered by changing the colors of the embroidery thread. From the selector wheel of embroidery machine, a border stitch is selected. A border stitch provides the shape of frame around the logo. All the loose threads are cut away from the embroidery logo.

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