By May 7, 2016

Tiger Embroidered Design

Rae MitasIts said that DO NOT BLAME GOD FOR HAVING CREATED THE TIGER , BUT THANK HIM FOR NOT  HAVING GIVEN IT THE WINGS . If you ask any one that who are the most dangerous animals found in this planet then most of them will answer is “TIGER” . Tigers are the most forceful , dangerous , aggressive , arrogant and life threatening animals found in this universe .  Tigers are found in forest but are also seen in ZOO etc .  Tigers are very very dangerous , they are always looking for a Prey , like crocodile they eats everything . From a single small fish to a large fat human they can eat everything with ease so its always recommended to stay away from them . Tigers although very dangerous but no doubt are the most beautiful animals found , black strip on their body with orange skin . They are very fast and thus its very difficult to run away from him so always safe to stay away


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