By May 9, 2016

Ice cream Cup Embroidered Design

tamara rosati

Its said that ITS NEVER TOO COLD FOR ICE CREAM. You ask any kid what they want and 90% of them will say  “ICE CREAM”  .  Ice cream is the most favored thing any kid wants any time any place, but now a days not only kids but elders too are quite addicted to it . Most people prefers ice cream in the cups as it allows them to fully chrish and enjoy eating of ince cream and also  so ice cream don’t liquify and falls in the ground .   Ice cream eaten within limits is not such a bad thing but if you eat them extensively then you are bound to get ill . Flew and cough are the main sources of illness you will come under if you eat ice cream in excess amount .  So be safe and avoid eating it in daily basic


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