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How To Digitize Small Lettering

How To Digitize Small LetteringIn case of embroidery, lettering is the most important factor as nothing can be more important and detailing than it. For your customers, your embroidery designs act as label. Therefore, these designs should be such that your customers can easily view and read them even if these are embroidered in the form of small embroidery prints. It is also a fact that sometimes those embroidery designs which are easy to read in print form are not that easy to embroider in threads.

On the basis of size of embroidery lettering, there are different degrees of difficulty in embroidery lettering. In case of the moderately small letters of embroidery, reduction in the keyboard lettering is affective for the creation of such embroidery. . In case of the tiny letters of embroidery, these are produced manually. The criteria and process are same in both instances. For the embroidery of a smaller letter, a smaller needle is required as The smaller the needle, the smaller the letter can be embroidered as well as The thinner the thread, the smaller the letter can be embroidered. As the Normal thread (No. 40) is 25% thicker than No. 60 therefore lettering that is 25% smaller than with the No. 40 can easily be produced by means of the 60-weight thread.

For the embroidery of perfect letters, the only solution is not limited to the sizes of needle and thread. with running stitches of embroidery, the smallest letters are created. An embroiderer does not need to go over any part of the letter more than twice whenever he is working with a running stitch for the embroidery of letters. An embroider should always widen the column whenever he works with a column or satin stitch for the embroidery of small letters as it depends on a simple rule that the wider the column, the greater the pull. The more that it pulls in, the more it will fill in. in the same way, the wider the column, the lighter the density.

for clarity of lettering in embroidery, the corners of the letters are needed to be extended. Letters should also be opened up. Cross bars should also be dropped. Below the line, “O”s will be dropped and be pulled up. The thread pulls it which goes in your favor to embroider cleanly. In case of your running stitch, underlay in not desirable. An embroiderer should not walk through his letters in this case as it is the case of conventional lettering. Last step in this regard is to proof the lettering in which special modifications and adjustments in lettering of embroidery are done if needed.

If a column stitch is used for lettering in embroidery, it should be embroidered as a column stitch. A column stitch is not proffered for lettering rather a running stitch is used for the small lettering of embroidery. to avoid walking through the letter in embroidery, an embroiderer must take special care of sequence at each step of embroidery of clear and clean small lettering’s.

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