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How to Digitize a Logo

How to Digitize a Logo

The most visual representation and expression of a brand, company, service, product or business is considered to be a “Logo”. A logo should be such that it can easily be viewed and understand, plus it should be remembered by everyone specially the customers who are exposed to it. The identity of a brand is marked by means of a logo. The symbolization and standing out of a service, product or company is showcased by means of a digitized logo. Digitizing a logo can be a challenging task for the embroidery digitizer but if a logo is digitized and embroiderer successfully then it leads to the creation of visually impressive and attractive symbolization of your business.

Logos are not only used for the promotion and branding of any business, but these are also used for the fashion trend. The wearer of a T-shirt or cap can digitize his initials in the logo on his apparel. Fabrics are embellished these days by digitizing and embroidering logos. How to digitize a logo is not a very difficult challenge now as we are here to help you all.

For digitizing a logo, first you need to create a logo. For this purpose, open your logo digitizing software. An existing digitized logo can also be loaded or opened or either you can start from the beginning. To lad an existing digitized logo, drag-and-drop it into the hoop area on the screen of your PC or simply go the file menu for the selection of “open” in order to browse the logo that you want to digitize. After opening it, text can be added in the logo for digitization. Furthermore, alignments, color, sizes, type of stitch i.e. either fill or satin stitch can be adjusted which is a necessary and important step in digitizing a logo. According to your likings, further customizations can also be done.

If an existing logo is used and you tweak it but it does not produce the desirable results then an image file (bmp) is needed to be opened and digitized for the creation of a digitized embroidery logo. The logo that you want to digitize is selected by Drag-and-drop option or simply browse it. After the selection of logo for digitizing, the Auto Punch digitizing wizard button is clicked.

Make necessary adjustments in weighing issues, blank areas, fill stitches, number of colors, colors, size etc. keep on previewing these alterations that you make till the completion of desirable digitization of log. When you get satisfied, click ‘finish’. The results can also be previewed in 3D. In the digitized logo, stitch order can also be altered. Once the digitized logo is created, save the file. In the SD card of you embroidery machine, write the logo that you have digitized. Now, your digitized logo is ready to stitch and embroider. This is the simplest way that teaches how a logo is digitized. It is economical too as it consumes very less things need for the digitizing of an embroidery logo.

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