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Free Applique Embroidery Designs

Free Applique Embroidery DesignsOn to a garment or fabric, embroidery is appliqued when the fabric the embroidery is on is vital to the design. Free applique embroidery designs are available on internet as well as in fashion magazines, embroidery books, art sheets and so on. A coordinating or a contrast fabric is introduced in an applique often in the junior market or any children’s wear. Not only this, the fabric surrounding the embroidery can be cut to an attractive shape for e.g. a word, an animal or a heart etc. applique embroidery designs are also very much popular in women fashion wear. In the appliques embroidery, a design or a piece of the overall design s embroidered.

Certain simple and easy guidelines for free applique embroidery designs and patterns are given here to enhance the knowledge of an applique embroiderer. On a table or other flat surface, the embroidered piece of fabric is laid. To draw the desired shape of the applique on the piece of fabric, pencil is used. It is all done outside the lines of the embroidery. Between the embroidery edge and the fabric edge, at least one-half inch of fabric s left.

To cut out the shape of applique embroidery design, pencil line is followed. The applique is placed on the fabric or garment in the desirable location which is then faced up and finally pinned into the right place. The left edge of the foot of applique sewing machine is placed on the edge of the applique. With the foot edge, the fabric edge should match up.

By using the zig zag stitch of the machine, applique is sewed from the borders. It is done by keeping the foot matched up with the edge of the fabric. All loose threads are clipped by releasing the fabric from the applique embroidery machine. From the applique embroidery design or pattern, all pins are removed carefully. In a single design, multiple appliques can be embroidered. On the fabric, one or two outlines can be made around the embroidered applique. On the basis of the applique design and pattern selected for the embroidery project, the number of outlines is decided for securing the applique fabric to a base fabric.

Various fabrics are allowed to combine by means of applique designs that are embellished on a variety of fabrics and garments. Within a very short period of time, an applique embroidery machine can complete the work. Not only this, more and better details are offered as compare to the stitching by hand. At the start and end of each outline, applique design embroidery machine guides the satin stitches and knot threads.

An ironed embroidered applique can also be used in different projects. Working from the background to the foreground, the edges of the applique pieces are stitched around until the completion of the entire applique embroidery. The fabric stabilizer should be neatly torn away. By following the suggested heat setting on the product, Iron a section of fusible web is ironed to the back of the applique embroidery designs for free. From the fusible web, the paper backings are removed. Finally the embroidered applique is ironed on your desired garment.

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