By May 6, 2016

Fish Embroidered Design

Sharon BradfordEARL DIBBLES JR said that IT IS BETTER TO BE A BIG FISH IN A  SMALL POND , THEN A SMALL FISH IN A MIGHTY OCEAN . Fish are found in sea, rivers and big oceans .  Fishes are very small in size and generally they are easy targets of WILD SHARKS . Sea Grass and Algae: The fish which feed on sea grass and algae are entirely herbivorous Fishes usually eat Detritus and Algae, Sponges, Plankton, Mixed Diet, Other fish , Parasites Invertebrates and CRUSTACEANS . Fishes are also kept in AQUARIUM for decoration purposes as well. Most of the people specially ones living in Asian side prefers eating Fish as well as they think that it is good for their health .

SOURCE: Sharon Bradford



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