By May 12, 2016

Father’s Love For His Son Embroidered Design

Its said that EVkathy stevensERY FATHER SHOULD REMEMBER THAT ONE DAY HIS SON WILL FOLLOW HIS EXAMPLE RATHER THAN ADVICE .  GOD has created a very good binding , unlike any other relationship this relationship is very delicate and perfect . Son’s has an added responsibility on him as he has to take care of his parents when you grow up , everyone in the family looks towards you . If you dis obey your father’s instructions then you have to pay penalty for it , because the time will eventually come when you will become father as well and the history will then repeat itself also , so always love your father , son has to be aware of the fact that one day he will be father itself and then he will have to follow the foot straps of his father , so always keep in mind that whatever you are doing with your father , your own son will also do that . When your father gets old take care of him , speak in a  humble voice ,  as he is the main reason you are standing tall and healthy , he is one who tought you how to walk when you were child , he was the one who holded your hand when you can’t even walk alone , so love your father , respect him and always obey his observations


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