By May 6, 2016

Eye Embroidered Design

ingrid reisIts said that SOME TIMES THE EYES CAN SAY MORE THAN THE MOUTH  . Eyes are one of the blessings from the GOD, this world is so beautiful but how could you see this world and GOD’S blessings if you don’t have the blessing of eyes ? Suppose you are walking on the road and you want to cross a main road, will you be able to cross the road if you can’t see ? Each and everything we are witnessing right now is due to the fact that GOD has gifted us 2 beautiful eyes and on top of that GOD has given us the liberty to cherish and enjoy all the blessings he has given to this world . We should really think about those people who are blind, who can’t see because they are the ones who can’t cherish and enjoy this moment .  We should help them in any way we could


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