By May 6, 2016

In Everything Gives Thanks Embroidered Design

Jules P.Its said that REJOICE ALWAYS , PRAY WITHOUT CEASING , AND IN EVERYTHING GIVES THANK’S .  GOD has given us everything , you go outside you watches down and he has given you 2 feet to walk, slippers so that your feet wont’ go hurt , you watches up and he has given us a beautiful cloud system , natural sunshine which gives you VITAMIN D . In a nutshell. GOD has given you everything you ever dream of, he has given you parents who loves you and will always stand beside you even when everyone is against you, and when you get married . GOD will give you children as well. Now you see, its like a chain, and only GOD has the capability and power to do that. You are hungry and he has given you delicious food, you are thirsty and he has given you natural WATER, so just go to the main road and just stand their and watch your surroundings, you will surely realize how much GOD has gifted you . Something words can’t describe the feelings so always try to thank the GOD for everything he has given to you


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