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Easiest Machine Embroidery Digitizing

Machine Embroidery DigitizingThe addition of an embroidery machine to your embroidery digitizing articles is a long term venture. To beginners as well as advanced embroiderers, embroidery digitizing machine seems intimidating during the course of learning different capabilities of embroidery machine. By learning basic techniques, an embroiderer can familiarize himself with the selected digitizing brands. Though, every brand is different in itself but most of the models need the embroiderer to convert images or designs for embroidery by using well-suited digitizing software. After that, using a digitized embroidery card, designs are transferred to the embroidery machine for digitizing. This separate card is inserted into the embroidery machine and then it stitches out the design on the desired fabric.

Machine embroidery digitizing is very easy. Anyone can do digesting by machine embroidery by following the simple procedure given here. In the image pad area of the embroidery-digitizing program, a basic embroidery design is drawn. For ease, a geometric shape for e.g. a circle can be drawn for the creation of a digitized polka-dot pattern. To activate, click on the repeat feature tool of embroidery-digitizing program. Within the stitching parameters of your brand, the cursor is dragged to repeat the polka-dot pattern.

To an embroidery card, the digitized pattern is transferred. For e.g. if a reader-writer box attached to the USB port of computer with a compatible cable is found in your brand then in the designated box opening, an embroidery card is inserted. In the slot opening of the embroidery machine, the embroidery card is inserted. From a sticky stabilizer sheet, the protective sheet is removed. On the wrong side of the project material, the sheet is placed. As the machine punctures the material, the textile is avoided from shifting because the fabric is stabilized by this sheet. A light coating of fabric adhesive can be sprayed onto the stabilizer sheet if the sticky stabilizer is not present. Onto the wrong side of the embroidery fabric, stabilizer sheet is placed.

Approximately 1 to 2 inches away from the frame, the design is positioned. It ensures that the needle will not hit the hoop of embroidery machine. Before stitching out the design, the top hoop frame can be used to center the fabric if the pattern starts from a center point. Over the stabilized fabric, the top hoop frame attachment is lowered. This can be done by using the top hoop as a reference guide while the polka dot digitized embroidery stitches out the pattern. This technique is given a particular name i.e. “Floating Method”. It prevents the embroiderer from stretching and hooping the fabric with the top and bottom hoop frames.

Before the purchase, the compatibility of the embroidery digitizing software with embroidery machine model is checked. The compatibility of the software and machine model is required for transferring images from the program and then these are stitched out. Embroidery-digitizing programs are usually expensive and once these are opened, these cannot be returned back to the supplier. For optimal program results, specific system requirements are also vital to meet the operating system of computer.

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