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Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Custom_Embroidery_DigitizingCustom embroidery digitizing can turn your fabric or apparel really stylish and elegant. The things that you may need to create custom embroidery digitizing designs and patterns may include computer, writer or a card reader, embroidery machine and embroidery digitizing software.

Before starting with custom embroidery digitizing, you need to be familiar with the basics of custom digitized embroidery. Make yourself accustomed with it by practicing more and more digitized embroidery designs. Buy you embroidery machine and start stitching different projects on it. Once you become comfortable with digitization of embroidery then you may start up with your own design of custom embroidery digitizing.

From $100 to $8,000 is the price of embroidery digitizing applications. Not only this, it is all about the more you pay for custom embroidery digitizing, the more capabilities of custom embroidery digitizing software can be got. Custom embroidery digitizing involves the use of embroidery digitizing software among which the most common and average range is PE-Design Lite.

The steps of custom embroidery digitizing process have multiple stages. These steps may vary from digitizing software to software. The steps are usually of similar nature with minute differences.

To start up with custom embroidery digitizing, an existing custom digitized embroidery file is opened or loaded. Your own design of custom digitized embroidery can also be started from the scratch. An existing image file can be loaded by the help of drag-and-drop option by the file is dragged and dropped the file into the hoop area on the screen. The File menu can also be opened in which ‘open’ is selected in order to browse the desired file of custom embroidery design.

In the opened file, text can be added, alignments can be adjusted. Not only this can the adjustments on colors, sizes as well as type of stitches be done. Fill and satin stitch are mostly employed in custom embroidery digitizing. Any further likings can be customized in this regard.

If an existing file is used to tweak as it does not create the results that are wanted then an image file (bmp) can be opened and digitized so as to produce a custom digitized embroidery file. The image file (bmp) is opened by either Drag-and-drop or browse the file option that you want to digitize for embroidery. The image is sized and placed. Image is selected and mean while the Auto Punch digitizing wizard button is clicked to establish a number of fundamental characteristics of size, colors, number of colors, fill stitches or blank areas, weighting issues etc. adjustments can be made by alterations in these characteristics.
If you be satisfied with the resulted custom embroidery digitizing design, finish button is clicked. Text can be added in the custom digitized embroidery design. Embellish it. Stitches and their order as well as colors can also be changed. After that, the digitization results of custom embroidery digitizing design can be previewed in 3D. After the completion of custom digitized embroidery design, save it, write into card of embroidery machine and finally stitch your custom embroidery digitizing design on fabric.


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