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Custom Embroidery Digitizing

custom embroidery digitizing design

Three main stitch types for Custom Embroidery Digitizing:

custom embroidery digitizingWhen adding embroidery elements to your garment from us, you can expect to see a professional and sleek outcome that reflects your business brand or enhances your personality. In order to make this Custom Embroidery Digitizing possible, there are three main types of stitches which are used to beautify the garment or to create beautiful custom embroidered garments. Each single stitch produces a different look on the fabric. While working with these stitches the digitizers should have complete knowledge about them. The first type is the “Satin Stitch” it is most commonly used to outline letters it also works well to fill small areas and to enhance or highlight the larger area. It lies neatly in the fabric, these satin stitches are also called “Damask Stitches” it gives a shiny glossy look, flat and texture resembling satin fabric. The second type is “Walking Stitch” it is also known as the “Run Stitch” they may be hand sewn they look like long dashes, this type of stitch is usually used for detailed work, it is used to create a well-detailed design, just as logo image.

These are also used to outline images that can be combined with other Machine embroidery digitizing stitches for a perfect look, basically this type of stitch can work with all types of fabrics it is a versatile stitch. Now the third main type is “Fill Stitches” these are used to fill areas with colors. It also acts as a foundation when used underneath; these are used to create solid shapes. These can also be made into patterns. Though there are three main types of embroidery stitches, the Satin Stitch and walking stitch are the most commonly used? Each stitch offers its own look and texture it depends on the digitizer to choose the right stitch according to the design. Although fill stitches add texture to the object, animal or logo. Our professionals before starting the custom embroidery digitizing process first consider the type of material to choose the right stitch for 100% results.

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