By May 10, 2016

Crocodile Embroidered Design

Its is said that flickrIF YOU ARE LIVING TO LIVE BY THE RIVER , MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE CROCODILE . When you are talking about the most dangerous and most devastating animal on earth then the first name that will come in your mind is CROCODILE . Lives in Water but my word what a animal crocodile is . Crocodile has the capability to swallow a 6 foot tall man at once with ease . Crocodiles are meat-eaters (carnivores) , they have 24 sharp teeth which are used for killing of fish, birds, mammals and small crocodile (their prey) . Crocodiles can be often seen with their jaws wide open. They open their jaws to cool themselves because they don’t have sweat glands . Most crocodiles live 50-60 years in the wild. Some crocodiles can live more than 80 years .


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