By May 19, 2016

Collection of Hearts Embroidered Design

Its said that jazvir kandolaThe best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart . A human Being can survive for a day without  eating, drinking  or even sleeping but cant without Heart . Heart is an integral and a most important thing to have if a human being wants to survive. You take the heart out and you can’t even survive for a second. A good functional heart is must for an human being to survive . 2 Hearts physically can’t connect with each other but you ask 2 lovers about it and they will say that its possible . Couples and Lovers saves and shares all memories inside it , memories could be sad or it could be sad too . That heart is pretty much like your Personal diary, where you write and saves   your all sorrows. deep thoughts and everything tou witnessed in your life . Till your heart is pumping and functioning you tries to achieve the goals and aims you set, because who knows what will transpir in the next second


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