By May 24, 2016

Candles Embroidered Design

Its said that You know you’re gekathy farelltting old when the candles cost more than the cake . Everyone knows about Candles . When you don’t have light and you cant see anything then you often use candles to just brighten up your home a a a bit . Candles are very much part of everyone’s life , as it is very much needed by everyone in their houses . Candles are not too costly and could easily be buy from any store . Candles according to science can lighten 1 whole room , and generally its range start from 1 to 2 dollars only so means that you can light your whole home in just 3 to 4 dollars , plus its large in size too so thus it means that 1 candle can last till 3 to 4 times which is not that bad considering his cost is concerned .

SOURCE: Kathy Farell

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