By May 11, 2016

Birds in Cage Embroidered Design

Its said that BIRDjaque mrS BORN IN A CAGE THINKS FLYING IS AN ILLNESS . There was a time people used to see and enjoy birds flying in the air only , but now a days people have changed that thinking a lot . Now it’s quite common that people used to keep birds in their houses , not only one but twice or even more than that . People used to take full care of them , take care of their food and etc , no doubt it’s quite a scene when you are sleeping at 5 0’click in the morning and suddenly you hear the voice of birds chanting around , making voices and it seems that they are singing and worshiping the GOD in their own way .  Keeping birds in cage is not such a bad idea too because by doing that you are saving their lives , they could easily be eaten and damaged by CATS etc too so its a good idea to keep them in the cage .


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