By May 11, 2016

Bells Ringing Embroidered Design

LEONAchtys artRD COHEN once said that RING THE BELLS , THAT STILL CAN RING . Its stated in the holy book that at the day of judgement , the bells will starts to ring and everyone will walk in the straight line , in a straight direction . In the earlier times , many people used bells to wake people up , even today in some parts of the world , there is a tradition of ringing a bell , some say its just their habit and some say that it’s the part of the tradition as well . In some religion , like in HINDUISM , they have the concept of bells being rung by everyone who comes in inside their MANDIR , like wise in Christianity too , on the eve of the CHRISTMAS they use to ring the bells just to let everyone know that Christmas is just round the corner and so better prepare yourself for that . Every religion has their own thoughts and traditions so you can’t change that .  But certainly the importance of Bells ringing can’t be neglected at all .


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