By May 17, 2016

Beautiful Eyes Embroidered Design

It is said thasalma jaroudiSince we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.  EYES are such a blessing from GOD , this world is so beautiful but how could you see this world and GOD’S blessings if you don’t have the blessing of eyes ? Suppose you are walking on the road and you want to cross a main road, will you be able to cross the road if you can’t see ? Each and everything we are witnessing right now is due to the fact that GOD has gifted us 2 beautiful eyes and on top of that we are being blessed to see and enjoy this beautiful world , where we can cherish each and every moment of our life . We should really think about those people who are blind, who can’t see because they are the ones who can’t cherish and enjoy this moment .  We should help them in any way we could , just to make them feel better and make this realize that HUMANITY still exists in the world


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