By May 12, 2016

Baby’s First Christmas Embroidered Design

Its said that I UScarole scholeyED TO THINK BEING A KID ON CHRISTMAS WAS THE BEST THING EVER , BUT IT TURNS OUT TO HAVING KIDS ON CHRISTMAS IS .  Its a baby first birthday , and everyone is happy about it , every couple aims to have a daughter or a son to make their family complete , and what a occasion it would be to have your baby celebrating Christmas with you . You prepare special clothes for her , you are willing to do anything to make her happy and to make her and yours night memorable after all its your baby FIRST BIRTHDAY . Its always a special occassion for the parents to have their first baby born irrespective of its christmas or not , to have a baby in your lap playing , sleeping , crying and smiling is a blessing of GOD and who says that christmas comes once a year , to have your  own baby is like celebrarting christmas every day






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